Sea Etchings
Photographs and editing by Nicola Dill
48 pages, 27 photographs
Case bound 16 x 13 in
Published by Nazraeli Pres, USA
Publication: 2011
ISBN 978-1-59005-311-9

"In Sea Etchings, Nicola Dill captures the delicate compositions of surf grass on sandy shores, between waves. The images were taken through a meditative system of relinquishing artistic control to the sea watching and waiting for these moments to occur organically, completely untransformed by the agency of the human hand. Dill is able to distill her sense of evocative language and quiet musical nuances in these ephemeral moments quite remarkably- the images are reminiscent of gesture drawings and imply the strokes of a pen or a brush, almost calligraphic in how they arch and sweep so elegantly through each frame, and the way the photographs are arranged harmoniously across the pages is like a musical score. When a book is able to physically embody the very essence of its contents, then that is a book well made. If the images were words they would be whispers, or a chorus of sighs." - Joanna Caswell, Hotshoe Magazine


Deluxe Edition

Limited to 25 copies

Published by Nazraeli Press, USA

Publication: 2012

Numbered and signed monograph presented in a clamshell box with one original signed archival pigment print (14.75 x 12 in, as shown). Also included is a laid-in broadsheet with an essay by Renee T. Coulombe, PH.D.