There is a Place concerns itself with the challenging aesthetics of a large city. This exploration is interspersed with images concentrating on the simple aesthetic of the line found in architectural details. My subject matter is Los Angeles, a vast multitude of cities and suburbs that connect uninterrupted across miles and miles of land; each neighborhood defined by its individual characteristics. The work offsets the disparities and contradictions of urban culture by juxtaposing them with images of light, color and lines as a visual departure to the dividing force of the city. Different from the gestural characteristics of the photographic line studies in my previous projects, these images are defined by geometric compositions of architectural spaces and planes. The street scenes are found along many road trips across Los Angeles as I traverse the sprawling city landscape. Explorations of the city’s diversity are juxtaposed with images of stillness as if the diverging flow comes to a unifying pause.

Light, like water, is essential to our life; however, different from water, light is intangible. The Lambda project explores the eternal and yet fleeting aspect of light. In capturing movement and using selective focus details are obscured and elusive sketches of light and dark emerge. As I trace a world beyond our perception, I feel drawn to the unknown - that part of existence, which is not measurable and rests within mystery and the imagination. Wind is the author of motion in this work as the world is in constant flux from one moment to the next 'ad infinitum.' Wind and light intertwine in a dance of element and energy.

In the series Sea Etchings, I search for musical nuances within the landscape. Less concerned with a literal interpretation, the work speaks to an intangible sensation perceived about the subject matter. Photographed over several years along the coast of Southern California, each image is a study in patience as I wait for each composition to arise of itself only to be washed away again in an instant. The grass and the sea alone create these 'temporary etchings' captured in their momentary and fleeting existence. Reminiscent of gesture drawings my interest lies within a playful experience of the moment by giving pause to expressions of joy, beauty, lightness, innocence, and mystery.

The work Desert Lines considers the presence of opposites in all things. Erosion has rounded and softened the rock formations displaying feminine and sensual lines. Soft overcomes hard as stone yields to water.

The Seascapes portray a series of meditations upon the feminine energy found in the natural world. The ancient Greek recognized water as the original matter of the universe, the source of everything. In Genesis water is the original element of creation: a prerequisite for life to develop. In Taoist tradition earth as water is the ultimate Yin symbol, representing the feminine principle. Oceans cover nearly three-fourths of the earth's surface. These meditations pay tribute to our great mother.